tis the season

It is the season to be jolly and jolly I am. I am sitting here in good ole flag world letting the jolliness within me take over. It does not even bother me that i have another five more hours to sit here selling flags and shot glasses to silly tourist, or that mom yelled at me this afternoon for trying to catch a few zzzs before my shift. I hate coming to Flag World tired and not jolly. I just want to serve Nashville to the best of my ability. Mom apparently does not understand this and i would think she would, i mean if anyone knows how worthless a tired Ross is it is her.

One of the main reasons for my jolliness is because tonight around seven thirty there will be college people running around everywhere at my house, sipping on some delicious egg nog that i will have provided for them! The thought of people in my house sipping egg nog filled with holiday cheer just makes my heart warm. I think I will even get dad to make a fire in the fire place. Oh yeah i still have to buy a gift. I wonder if a 3 foot by 5 foot confederate flag would be inappropriate. hmmm… Plus I feel like Edward and Peyton would be upset if we brought the same gift.

I feel the need to note that not a single human has wondered into flag world for a solid fifty minutes now. Which gives me lots of opportunity to do some hamstring stretches. Why Ross, would you do hamstring stretches in the middle of the day at flag world? Well I will let my blog faithful in on a little secret. This information I am about to give you is a perk of being a reader of my blog. I am the slowest Belmont Bruin baseball player, really, its not even a close competition. I am slow. Always have been and always will be. I have accepted it. Does it hurt a little inside? Yes, yes it does.

I hope everyone took the time to notice the great Christmas ties that were brought out for Church this morning.

Now I am faced with a decision. Read Donald Millers, Searching for God Knows What, or watch the Simpsons Movie. This is a tough choice. Maybe I will read while watching the movie… interesting combo no doubt.

I love you all. stay jolly.




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4 responses to “tis the season

  1. francis

    Nice blog design. I stumbled across your site via WeFeelFine.org – a cool site that parses the web for phrases containing the words “I feel” and “I am feeling”; it picked up this post!

    Enjoy Flag World – it sounds….thrilling!

  2. Brandon Frensley

    Ross, my friend I must say that as your roommate I also know what a worthless tired Ross is, and flag world’s customers deserve jolly Ross! and as far as the slowest belmont bruin….maybe so scratch that defiantly so but with your new found hamstring stretches you will be the fastest in no time!

  3. flag hater

    i hate flags and people who sell flags!!!

  4. Caitlin

    I’m with the crazy flag hater guy! J/k but I definitely don’t remember any egg nog and I don’t apprecaite people who promise egg nog and then don’t follow up. A blog by Ross Moffitt is probably the best thing I could ever think to read. The way your mind works, completely confuses me but in such a way that I can’t wait to see what you’ll type or say next. Stay Jolly, Ross!

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