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I hope the Christmas jolliness does not ever leave me, or anybody else for that matter. My new challenge for myself is to continue to be as jolly as possible as much as I can. Not a fake jolly but a real jolly. Jolly jolly jolly. There are a lot of reasons in my life to be jolly. I have a great life with great friends. I have great hats. I have lots of nice jackets. I have a cool room. But most importantly each day I am growing closer to Jesus and beginning to really understand what it means to follow Him and have Him living in me. All these things, some being obviously more important than others, give me no reason to ever not be inwardly, genuinely, jolly.

If one more person asks me for 8 quarters in exchange for their 2 dollar bills I am retiring from the flag business all together.

As i wrote about earlier we had our college Christmas get together at my house on Saturday night. It was incredible! We had a really good turnout and the house was filled with jolliness (due in a large part to the wonderfully organized games! Thanks Caitlin!). As i looked around the room I saw people who I had seen before, but who i had never really SEEN before. I think this is one of my biggest downfalls as a person. I see people but i never really see them as the real people they are. As i looked around i thought about everyone in the room, where they had come from, why they were there, what they would go home to, where they were spiritually, were they struggling, with family, friends, faith. I really looked around the room and thought about all the people, most who have gone to Bethel with me since birth, and who they were and why everyone in that room were not as close as brothers and sisters would be. I have great friends from Bethel who are as close to me like brothas and sistas but for the most part there are people I have not talked since the late 90s. Was it because of my lack of acceptance? Was i to immature to realize there was more to the world than Ross, Goodpasture, and my little group of friends, my little life? I think what it boils down to is that I was selfish. I Cared more for how others made me feel than how I made others feel. This is something I think we can all work on. I believe this to be a huge part of being a Christian, living a life for Jesus, having Jesus’ life inside of us. We have heard it a thousand times, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Are we really? Am i really? From this point on I sure as heck am going to try. Already the more i try to do this the more I can see Jesus working through me, the more meaningful and beautiful my life is becoming.

I was supposed to be driving a 1992 Honda to Flag World today but due to the fact it almost exploded during my test drive it may be awhile. Darn.

I am compiling a list of words in which to help you live your life by. This bloggidy blog blog is coming soon!

There are cute old people in the store right now. My favorite kind. Just another reason to be jolly.

I love you. Stay jolly!


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