Wildcats and Seminoles everywhere

I got some new jeans today! Well kind of. Kim is buying them for me with her discount and I have to pick them up. I have horrible luck with jeans. Nearly every pair I buy I end up not wearing. They fit really great in the store but when I get them home they are either to long, to short, or just fail to form to my awkwardly shaped body. I feel like this pair is going to be different though. They fit really well when i tried them on and it is the beggining of a new year! I think these jeans are the beginning of a lot of greatness in the year 2008.

2008 may be my greatest year ever! It definitely has the potential to be. I have grown in so many ways over the past year that its almost overwhelming to even think about. I went into my freshmen year of college not so proud to be a bruin. I always saw myself playing down the street as a Bison striking out bruins. So this was an interesting life twist when I signed that bottom line giving my life to Belmont for the next four years. I remember praying about it more than anything I have ever prayed about in my life. Probably the first time I ever earnestly prayed for anything (The first time would be a prayer concerning my self and my own personal happiness) and God came through! I love Belmont and feel like it is a place where I can really grow and reach people. I have already grown up so much in the first semester (phyisically and spiritually). I came into Belmont with a very narrow view of my life, Christianity, and pretty much the entire world. It was somewhere around the second month of school where I begin to really think about things. See the world in a whole new way. The first major thing that happened was when Hayes asked me to do the Goodpasture devo. All of this stuff was on my heart and I had yet to take the time to organize it and really dwell on it. This gave me a chance to do just that.

It is funny to think about all the things that have happened to me while outside of a constant Christian environment like I was at Goodpasture. Goodpasture was great, and maybe I am just maturing, but I think back on my time there and think about the devos I lead and the way I thought about things and it all seems so fake. I led devos on stuff that I can guarantee had little to no impact on anyones life. What in the name of William F. Ruhl was I doing? I was just talking about stuff that was on my mind, stuff I had heard and was just repeating, but never did I speak with my heart. My biggest new years resolution is to stop living and thinking with my mind and to begin living and thinking with my heart. I am doing the Goodpasture devo on the 11th and Jesus (through me) is gonna rock the house. I am not even sure if Peggy Roberts will be able to handle it.

Im glad i got this stuff down because here in a few hours flag world and downtown Nashville is going to be filled with Drunken Wildcats (emphasis on the wild) and a few seminoles. My mom and dad are bringing me a hamburger and some added safety. I am happy and thankful for hamburgers.

I hope to sell forty five garden gnomes tonight. They are my favorite. It is bitter sweet having to let them go, but i realize there are bigger and better things out there for them.

If a human being is to actually make it to this point please leave a comment on my wall or this blog. I would love to know that people actually read this. Just say “Ross i read your sily blog” then maybe add a thought if you want.

I love bowl games, the Titans, and you.




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5 responses to “Wildcats and Seminoles everywhere

  1. A Bruin Fan

    Reading about your spiritual growth was an inspiration to me and a good way to start the new year. Keep up the good work, there is much to do in this world. We just have to be willing to look around and see it.

  2. Raleigh

    Ross, I appreciate you and your writings. The two paragraphs about goodpasture are all too true…but my favorite part is about the lawn gnomes. I also hope you sold forty-five.

  3. Siobhan

    Ross I think this has been your best blog yet… good thoughts my friend, good thoughts.

  4. janie

    Ross! Its been a long time buddy! but ‘i read your silly blog’ and thought id tell ya… since you suggested to tell you that… but it was great to read your story and hear how you’ve grown! Not to mention it gave me somethin to do since im sittin at work wit nothin to do! but good luck with the new semester! -janie

  5. schmoffly

    Brother, the worst part about selling the yard gnomes is getting the darn white stuff out of the box to repackage the gnomes. It gets all over the place and then I have to vacuum…I HATE vacuuming at Flag World.

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