The Good Pasture

I just cleaned my room. I am pretty sure if i cleaned my room for five straight hours it would still not be clean. How does my room get so dirty? I have only been back to school for about two weeks now.

I think I have broken my foot. The ball of my foot hurts really bad and I have to see the foot doctor soon. I hate how weird and awkwardly shaped my feet are. Daggumit!

I have no math book. Therefore I have no way to do my math homework. This is a problem because I predict my math class to be the hardest class I have this semester. Due to the fact that I have no math book, my foot hurts, and it is painfully cold outside I have decided to write a new blog.

I preached a devo at Goodpasture today and it felt good. The kind of good that only God can supply. I feel like there is so much that people at Goodpasture do not understand and have yet to discover. I feel like there is so much that the world does not understand and has yet to discover. Thinking about this has led me to a revelation. I think I want to be a traveling minister once I graduate from my beloved Belmont University. I just want to get a few good friends and travel around America in a cool van preaching, teaching, and loving people. I want to go into Christian schools, churches, just wherever and show Jesus to people in a way that that may have never seen or thought about Him before. On my van I want to paint all kinds of cool quotes and phrases. How awesome would it be to travel around America in a van with some brothers (or sisters) just talking about Jesus?

I also had to preach to middle schoolers today. Middle schoolers are weird. I know I was real weird in middle school which looking back could be attributed mostly in part to my cereal eating habit that caused me to gain lots of pounds.

I am going to search for a math book, some ice for my foot, and a social life now so much love to you my blog readers.

Ross the Hoss



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3 responses to “The Good Pasture

  1. jamielea

    Ross that is an amazing idea. The whole van thing. I saw on this TV show once these kids that got one of those big things that is like a house on wheels and they actually did that. They just traveled. It was pretty sweet. If you decided to do it. I am in.

  2. Raleigh

    Ross, I read your blog, and will be riding shotty with you in our molester-van-turned-lover-van. if that made sense.

  3. Chelsea

    Ross. You’re pretty close to perfect, I think.
    I think you would be really good at traveling in a “molester-van-turned-lover-van”.

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