3:10 to Yuma

It has been a while sine my latest blog. Probably since my hours at flag world have been basically none. Which has basically left me broke. I am however, selling my truck piece by piece so if anyone wants to buy a tire, a spark plug, or anything else that would be on a truck please let me know! I have already sold the engine, which was the heart and soul of the ole Thunder. It was hard to let go, but not that hard because a result of selling it was I finally had some bucks in my pocket. Which will undoubetdly just go towards acne medicine and haircuts, maybe a hamburger here and there.

This is for all you people who have high arches. Do not play sports in which you have to run. I suggest you take up golf.

I have jumbo mumbo plans in my mind right now. This summer Raleigh and I are contemplating becoming interns in Portland, Oregon. I feel like Raleigh and I would make good interns, or would we just make good jokes (debatable I know) as interns and not really be good interns?

Oregon is a long ways away from Rusty. Oregon is also a long ways away from Drew’s swimming pool, Nick’s sister’s bed, and The Bumpus swimming pool. I would however be making an impact on hopefully lots of Oregon people. Did anyone play the game Oregon trail growing up?

I do not want to be someone who talks a lot about doing great things but never takes the plunge. Just today I told some teammates over lunch that I wanted to paint pictures of social justice and sell them. I have made up my mind that I will pursue this dream. Whether it be now or later it will happen.

Probably one of the biggest changes in my life is my parents are moving to Bellevue, henceforth, I will be moving to Bellevue. The house is flippin’ weird. It will be worth coming to visit me just so you can see this weirdo house. It will be hard not living in Joelton anymore. The place of my birth. The place of my first bike ride, my first friends, my first wife, my first church, my first strikeout, and so much more. Is it weird that I am crying a little right now?

Now for the substance of my blog. Homeless people. I had a great experience the other day. Somehow I found myself wondering into the homeless headquarters downtown. The headquarters based around justice for the homeless people of Nashville. I met the most wonderful amazing lady named Clemmie. She was once homeless and has now given her life to helping the homeless. As I sat in this little office building place I just looked around me. There were probably five or six homeless people just lounging around, and I watched them very closely. I think one fellow noticed my stares and struck up convo. His name was James and he was awesome. James thought he could take over a hotel by first becoming a cleaning guy and then work his way up to being along side with Paris Hilton in power. Sadly James will never take over a hotel. Sadly Paris Hilton would probably not give James the time of day. James would be satisfied with just a house the size of my dorm room, a t.v. so he could watch Paris, and some Cousin Willy’s popcorn smeared on his face and hands. My prayer is that one day James will be set free of his poverty.

As I sat around chatting with these folks Clemmie announced it was meeting time. We all gathered around in a circle and one man spoke up and said “Hey man don’t sit there. That there is Jesus’ seat.” How awesome is that! How many business meeting are there where there is a seat saved for Jesus? How great would are country be, heck our world be, if every time an important meeting was held there was a seat saved for Jesus!

I want to save a seat for Jesus. I want Jesus to be sitting right next to me at all times. How can he be though if I only think about Him when I am at church or reading a “God” book or His name is brought up in a rare “Jesus” conversation I will occasionally have with someone? My goal is to never not have Jesus sitting beside me. Guiding me in everything I do. The homeless people inspire me. If you have not already talk to a homeless person. There is no doubt in my mind that they will inspire you as well.

Proverbs 22:2
Ross the big HOSS



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4 responses to “3:10 to Yuma

  1. mike holman

    mayb now that ur moving somewhat closer to my new house u kan stop by!

    o and ill give u 5 dollars for the steering wheel in the thunder.

  2. Preach it! Its really neat how you make an appoint to notice and reach out to the homeless– Corey told me about the one time you gave a homeless person a ride in your car. That is a really selfless– and slightly insane– but mainly selfless thing to do.

  3. Katy Parsley

    Well, as you are putting your life on the line for people to read, I have decided to tell you a piece of mine if that isn’t totally weird. A freind said I should read your blog bc it sounded like something I would do. Except that I haven’t. I’m from about an hour south of here in Mt. PLeasant and for as long as i can remember coming to nashville I have always wondered about the homeless people that sit and sit and sit and maybe sleep in that little 1 x 1 block with the massive mural on it ( which is of course not torn down to make a parking lot). Everytime I have ever driven by on my way to may dad’s office or walked by trying to find my car after a titans game, i have had this hideous ache in my heart. I promised myself that when i moved to belmont I would do something about it. And in my feeble mind i was convinced that i would just make a bunch of sandwiches and bring whatever other what not i thought would be beneficial and just have a seat in that park next to one of the presumably homeless people, strike up a conversation that might eventually lead to our savior and then offer him/her a sandwich. Yes, a tad bit silly. However, i have been discouraged by every one i know including myself. I’ve made it to the buying a bunch of food stuffs to take with me, but something always stopped me. Now that park has been torn down and my chance has been removed. But the point of this comment is that you are the first person that has encouraged me to continue my original goal, if maybe not in the exact same way then in a new way, better thought out. Wish me luck!! Time for some thinking… Thanks again, keep blogging, and I think you would make a fantastic traveling evangelist. Katy

  4. Glad you blogging man! It’s good to hear what you’re up to! Godspeed.

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