As I sit here at my computer watching the commodores absolutely slaughter Kentucky and catching up with Nick Butler via AIM instant messenger (yes Nick Butler) I am tired. Mainly my legs. My poor legs. The world might be interested to know I ran a really fast mile yesterday, and for the first time in my life I was sure my coach did not lie about my finishing time…

I failed Marta for the second time in about two weeks today. Tomorrow my tags will be seventeen days expired. I think the metro police department have all agreed that to not give me any more tickets. In my day I have paid over four hundred dollars in tickets (that is a little over 44 hours at flag world) and have served a forty five day suspension. Yes, I secretly drag race my car down Gallatin road. Only when challenged though….

Tonight a few teammates and I went downtown to hand out some hamburgers and some love to the homeless community. My favorite for the night was a Mexican man named Israel. He was great. He did not speak much English but we still managed to have a great conversation. He talked about his family back home in Mexico and how he would get jobs and send money home to them. I am sure this is part of the reason he was roaming the streets of Nashville tonight. How could he afford a home when he sends most of his money to Mexico to help out is family? What an act of selflessness. What a great man Israel is.

Also, another crazy thing happened tonight. While me and my friend Brian were chatting with this guy he reached in his bag and handed us a tall beer glass. After explaining that he and his girlfriend did not drink he insisted that we take the glass with us. The glass now rest on top of my brother’s fridge. We have designated it as the “help the homeless fund glass.” If you ever see me and want to contribute, just give me a dollar or two and I will make sure it makes it in the glass.

I have a new hair style on my head. The lady who cut my hair was really nice. I think she was from Egypt.

I just saw Brandon Wright on television. I liked the think I helped jump start his career. He dunked on my team (yes the whole team was under the basket) in the EIGHT grade. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Between witnessing that and Sonny Gray’s fastball when he was in the ninth grade, I consider myself pretty lucky. Most of the people reading this probably do not know who these two people are. I am sorry if I have caused you any confusion.

Also, please read my friend Raleigh’s blog. He is a much better writer than I am.

I love ya’ll

Ross the HOSS


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  1. Spenser

    Ross, I have never read your blog before but I enjoy it very much. Thought I would let you know that I will continue reading. Bye Ross!

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