Saint Louis University

I had my first college baseball game today. I did not actually get to play but i had a whole lot of fun in the dugout. Between Carlo’s and Wiley’s round trippers, Bubba’s diving play and Noth’s catch against the wall I do not think one could ask for a better game. If all of our games are this intense it will be the greatest season of baseball ever played, in college anyways. My senior year state championship run was the greatest season ever played at any level ever. If you are reading this and were a part of that season take a second to appreciate the amazingness of it all. If you are reading this and were not a part, please ask me and I will tell you all about it.

I have a new love. Slushies. I think about them a lot. Banana and cherry with a touch of blue raspberry is my favorite combo. unbeatable.

Also, please take the time to notice the new set up! The picture will soon be changing. I have a feeling it will be changing a lot due to my indecisiveness.

We had a really great team devo the other night. It was about worshiping God and showing Him in all that we do. I think that this is the best way to reach people. Not by holding up signs that say repent or go to Hell while standing outside of a Braves game, which I have seen being done before. A lady actually looked me in the eye and said these words, “God hates yo’ baseball.” As a lad this was very traumatizing to me and I will probably never forget it. But what were these people accomplishing? How many people were really brought to Christ that day? The best way a Christian can reach out to people is by being different. Letting people see that I have something they do not. Something that gives me peace, joy, and a purpose for waking up each day. Sometimes this is hard for me. I think it is hard for everyone who has made the steps into becoming a Christian. Keeping the attitude of this life is only temporary. I am here for one reason and that is to glorify God. The problems of this life are nothing compared to where I will spend my eternity. For those who have yet to make the Jesus plunge I strongly suggest you look into it. It is hard to explain with words how much it will change your life. Only you can know what it is like by experiencing it.

I am thankful for slushies and team devos.

This blog will undoubtedly push me over a 1000 hits. For this momentous occasion I will be having a party soon for those who take the time to read the blog of Ross Hoss. Let me know who you are and I will add you to the guest list.

I love Belmont, slushies, hamburgers, propel water, and you.

Ross the HOSS


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  1. great blog my friend. i hope this pushes you over 1,000. we could possibly celebrate at nashville clothing. it would work for me.

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