Banana pudding

It has been an interesting last couple of weeks. I have thrown a lot of baseballs, ate a lot of fruit snacks, hit a blue raider in the knee with a curve ball, been on the news twice, watched Kate get a boyfriend, and successfully damaged the two most expensive things I own.

What Ross you were on the news twice? Yes I was. Once on channel five and once on Fox. This is what happened. I was walking around down town taking pics of homeless people for my speech (another story in itself) when I spot a news camera. I inquired as to what they were up to and they responded with “well would you like to answer some questions.” I of course said heck yeah, fire away!

What are your thoughts on the Republican party using Barack Obama’s middle name “Hussein” in speeches as if it was just any old name such as Susie or Jerry?

A political question great. I successfully rambled on for about a thirty seconds telling them what I figured they wanted to hear in hopes of making the ten o’clock news. And it worked. I gathered up all my friends (probably five in total) and forced them to watch the news. About ten minutes in the story comes up. About ten seconds into the story my mug pops up on the screen. Good thing my parents tivoed it or else I would have never known what I said. This is of course because I was screaming with the excitement of being on t.v. The following is what channel five took from my ramblings to make fit their story. “Well I think when people here the name Hussein they automatically associate it with terrorism.” End of quote. End of fame… or so I thought.

The next night Fox news happened to make it out to our game. The game that happened to be my cleats first time to grace the mound with their presence. Short story even shorter, they showed me on the nine o’clock news throwing a nice fast ball to some guy who popped it up to the center fielder.

I also must make note that I am typing this from a foreign lap top to my fingers. Three days ago I leave my room for a nice night out with friends. When I return I of course grab my Toshiba in hopes of a few new facebook comments. What I found was that my lap top was bleeding black stuff all over the screen. Someone had stepped on my lap top (yes, sometimes I do lay my lap top on the ground, not the point) and made it impossible to check my facebook or even see the screen for that matter.

I wake up Sunday morning and walk outside. Brian is beside me telling some lame story about when he was in the FFA and Chad is rambling on about Mccalisters when I look up to see my poor car. During the night apparently, someone had thrown something out their dorm window and busted my front windshield. Crazy I know. If you see a little red Honda with a busted windshield driving around don’t poke fun. Just have pity on its poor soul.

I will find the person who is breaking all my things and I will talk things out and eventually hug things out and hopefully this person will stop this madness!

I just looked out my dorm window. I have a great view of our beautiful city. Our beautiful city? For my speech on homeless people my opening slide was a nice picture of the Nashville skyline at night. I then went on to describe some of the serious poverty issues that exist beneath the “Batman Building” and L and C tower. Luckily a girl in my class made the connection between the first slide and the rest of my speech and would later explain it to the class.

So many people live this beautiful “Nashville skyline” life while never noticing the what lies beneath. What lies in the alleys and under the bridges (homeless people). What lies in the poor “scary” parts of town.

So many people live a life that is detached from the lives of the people who are truly struggling. Not struggling with what they will eat for supper, but if they will even eat supper at all. I met a homeless man named Terry. Terry probably impacted my life more than any other homeless person I have ever met. What struck me most was his honesty. He explained to two complete strangers (my brother and I) how he was abused as a child, how there was a warrant for his arrest in the state of Alabama, how he had serious problems that needed serious help, how he had been to rehab, been to places for help, but felt like the only person who could really help him was Jesus. He explained how in all the rehab he had been to Jesus was left out of the equation. He told us that he was currently seeking help from a pastor at Belmont Baptist Church and how he knew it was different this time. He could tell this man cared for him and that gave him more strength  than any rehab clinic. We talked to Terry for a long time, and I could type pages about what our conversation but this is the part I will never forget…

As we were walking away Terry yelled at us to wait a second. We walked back to him and this conversation occured.

Terry: Hey if y’all ever see me around Belmont will you say hi to me? Maybe talk to me?

Josh and Ross: Of course we will talk to you Terry. You are our friend.

Terry: Thanks guys that would mean so much to me.

The look in his eyes spoke volumes to me. All Terry wanted was to be spoken to, cared for, thought about, treated as a real human being, not the drunken, prison inmate druggie that he once was but as a real person who needed friends and relationships in order for him to keep going. To give him strength to conquer demons that I could not even fathom.

How many people are walking around without the strength to keep going or to overcome their demons because the church is to caught up in their light show for Sunday morning, or their new million dollar gym they are building to get out and help?



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2 responses to “Banana pudding

  1. Alyssa

    Another great blog, as usual! I want to meet Terry.

    Hope you got a 1000 hits! 🙂

  2. Good word! I’m not sure I could stay so positive if my laptop and car were damaged.

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