Gulf of Mexico

I am not in Tennessee. I am in Florida. Today it was a whopping 88 degrees and as a direct result of that I sweated at least 7 baseball buckets full of sweat. It was wonderful. The field we are playing at has a beach right beond the outfield wall and I will more than likely never be able to throw my trunks on, take my shirt off and lay amongst the gators in Ross paradise and just soak up some rays. But oh well, the hot tub that I sat in tonight will more than suffice for the time being.

Last night we had an incredible little devo. About ten of us just sat around talking life. The main point of it all being that among all life endeavors, no matter how small or large, none of them are important enough that they should cause us to fall away from our faith. For those who aren’t aware I play baseball at the Belmont University. Also, for those who don’t follow the stats of the Bruins on a regular basis our current record is 8-20. 8 wins, 20 losses. Obviously this is a problem. It has basically been a rollercoaster ride all year. A wooden roller coaster at that. I have struggled with a lot of different things lately and this devo really helped me out. Baseball is frustrating. Frustrating as heck. But what can be so important that it can cause one to be so frustrated that they fail to see the bigger picture. The answer is a lot. Baseball is one of them. The thing is though we cannot let this silly life stuff get to us.

In the devo we all talked about how these wins and losses are nothing compared to our friendships with each other and our higher calling to follow God. Lately I have been going through days without really living them. I wake up and I think about how I have to go to practice today and i get frustrated. Then I think about how I am not pitching which leads me to bitterness. This is how I have began a lot of my days lately. I am tired of this and have been trying really hard to wake up and think about how blessed I am to be healthy, to have a great family, to have great friends, to be intelligent (debatable I know), basically just to be alive.

Lets not wake up thinking about all the bad things but instead focus on the great things God has blessed us with. My days have been so much more enjoyable since I have been trying to apply this to my life.

Tonight Mom and Dad left me a voicemail in which they sang happy birthday. It is not my birthday.

Read Hebrews 12:1-3

Ross the Hoss loves you.  


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