Brothers From the Same Mother.

I am sitting next to my brother. In front of me there is a large airplane with a large basketball painted on the side. I find it amazing that here in about two hours I will be soaring ten thousand feet in the air, way above the clouds, in a machine that is smaller than my house. I cannot wait to get some cranapple juice served to me in a little plastic cup. This small gift from the airport to me is always the highlight of my trip. Maybe I should buy some for my dorm room.

I am sitting next to my brother. Earlier we went and got drinks to help pass the time. Most people might get a Jack and Coke or a Gin and Tonic but I got orange juice and some ice and Ross got a Sprite and mixed some free maple syrup in it. It stank to high heaven, but he seemed to like it enough. We have to be in the Ft. Myers airport for three hours then fly to Orlando and have a three hour layover there. It is somewhat interesting to look around and see what everyone is doing. Marcel is writing many many pages on his blog about the now commenced Major League Baseball season. Brittany and Gras are reading. Chris attempted to get some homework done but abandoned his computer next to me to wonder the airport aimlessly, people watching. For myself, page 647 of Stephen King’s Wolves of Calla of the Dark Tower series.

The computer has now been passed back to me, Ross. Please do not think I am weird for putting maple syrup in my Sprite. It was no cranapple but it was pretty good. I have been sitting in an airport terminal now for going on two hours. The Bruins are “homeward bound.” Who has seen that movie? If I had to choose who was Shadow on the team I think it would be me. Chance, the crazy young pup, would have to be Coach Jarvis, and the poor cat, Sassy, would have to be our big power hitter Derek Wiley. I am amazed I still remember all their names.

The computer has now been passed back to its rightful owner (that being me- Josh). I <em>am</em> amazed that Ross remembers the names of the animals from Homeward Bound. Are movies in quotes or italics? The evolution of technology is amazing to me. I can see a dozen laptops from my seat and I actually have a fairly limited view. There are iPods, iPhones, iEverything. Kids have their little Nintendo DS that their parents cannot figure out how to use but that any 8 year old can pick up and work without a seconds thought. Brian Taylor is wearing glasses now. This reminds me of my glasses that are still probably sitting on the in-table of Best Western, Ft. Myers.

I am glad Josh and I have spent this time together. We are both struggling writers just looking to get our voices heard in this world. We have different thoughts, different opinions on things, different styles, and we are just over all different. But we will always have one thing in common and that is our last name. Moffitt. I will never have another brother, his wife will be my only sister-in-law, his kids will be my only nieces and nephews, and vice-versa. May we bring honor to the Moffitt name throughout the rest of our lives.

This is Ross and Josh signing off. We love you.


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