Bruins Bruins Bruins

We play Vanderbilt tonight. I hope we play good. It is baseball blowout night or something like that and I would hate to disappoint our fans! I have some revenge to get on Dominic De Laosa. He went yard on me last time we played them. If Dominic is reading this right now only two words will save you from me. Change up. Thats all I am saying.

Through my friend Brian Kelleys blog site I found Curt Shilling blog site and thought the one titled “Doug…” was really good. Here is the site- Not really knowing whether or not Doug Mirabelli is a Christian or not but I would be willing to guess he was. Let us all be different in a good way. Lets strap on a smile, strap on some cleats (or whatever other kind of shoe you wear doing what you do!), and go out in the world happy cause we are alive and the sun is shining!


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  1. doug's fan

    Dougie’s a Christian.

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