Rusty and Lucy

Life is hectic as heck. In order to do more of my therapeutic blogging I have decided to blog more frequently with less words in each one. I think this will help me mentally and hopefully if I still have any readers left they will check it more often and be able to find new Ross thoughts more regularly.

I have a paper to write on Claude Monet. A speech to write on the validity of the Bible. An Old Testament Speech and I know many of you have more crap than this going on. Slow down. Appreciate this beautiful day God has given us. Eat an extra cookie or 6 in the caf today. I know I did for lunch! and probably will again tonight.

I really do not like homework and classes that do not peak my interest. I made a dadgum 70 on my art project the other day. The teacher said it looked like I did not put much time in it. I really tried on to make it good because I needed the grade. Oh well. What are grades anyway?


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