The Titanic

I have great news! I am typing this from my very own computer. Through some miraculous events Josh successfully removed a screen from an old lap top and put on mine! My fingers are moving so gracefully across the keyboard!

I now officially live in Bellevue. I now officially live in a weird little house in a weird little town. Please come visit me sometime. I lived in Joelton for 19 years. I thought I would never say this but I kind of miss it. Heck, it is where I became the man I am today. In Joelton I experienced a house fire, my first baseball game, my first friends, puberty, the best the outdoors had to offer, and much more.

It is weird to think of how much different my life would be if I were to have grew up somewhere else. It would be completely different. I feel like God placed me there for a reason. I know many would argue God would never place someone in Joelton for a reason, but I really believe it.

The tennis court lights went out on me tonight in mid serve. That happens to me one out of every three tennis trips, so I have decided. Dadgummit!

I am going to wrap this up and watch the Titanic. I am half way through and I am excited to see what happens next. What a classic.

My heart will go on

Ross the tennis playing Hoss.


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  1. Ha, I love how you said, “I am excited to see what happens next.” Well, I’ll just tell you– the boat sinks.

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