Rain Rain Rain

Is it just me or has it been raining a whole lot more than usual lately? It seems like every time I want to go lay out, or play catch with my dad, or play kickball with the neighbors it is raining outside! I wish it would only rain so baseball practice would be moved to inside and then not rain a millimeter more.

I am finally done with school. I bombed my stats exam. I still have some of the ashes in my hair. I don’t like stats. But that does mean the summer is here baby! Right now I am laying in my bed without a school related care in the world. It is great.

My hope for this blog was to put my final art project on here but for some dang reason it isn’t working. so check out my brother’s blog and look at the picture that has “Break the Silence” written in red. Let it speak to you.


May we all have blessed summers and keep in mind that sometimes money isn’t enough. Show some love to your fellow brothers and sisters.

-Ross Hoss


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