I have been sitting in my dorm room now for about four hours. I have watched one episode of a show that shall not be named and three eps of the office. I have checked out recent facebook photos. I have sang along with Garth and the great casting crowns. Needless to say I am bored… I cannot find my darn keys. Therefore, I can’t drive anywhere to end my boredom. I would walk to Josh’s apartment but the lightning scares me.

I finally finished the deck. Along the way I made some new friends. I will list them in order of age… Anne: age unknown (I would guess 33), Nick: age 12, Grace: age 7, Jack: age 5. I painted these people’s deck and I feel as if have known them for a lifetime. Funny how people come and go in your life.

I had one of the craziest homeless experiences of my life Thursday night. Typing about it will be to long and just not good enough to describe my experience. Hand gestures are a must to truly tell this one.

I appreciate the Mexicans in the world, especially in the U.S of A. Many do not, I do.

I was in mid typing of this blog when I was called to go to Waffle House. It is one of my friends last night to be in Nashville so we celebrated over some good ole waffles! My friends name is Mitchell. He came to Belmont with a head full of hair and a gleam in his eye. He is leaving Belmont with a shaved head and a whole new outlook on life. I think that is what college does. Changes peoples outlooks on life. I know the way I view things have completely changed since high school. I.e. I used to like eating in cafeterias now I hate it…
Where dreams come true
This is a pic of the actual lady who served us tonight…

God has blessed this early Sunday morning (it is now 2 am). I will be waking up in six hours and going to church with my dear friend Brian. I need to go to bed now so my jokes will be funny if I happen to see anybody I know at church…

Goodnight you blogging world you.

Ross the oh so tired Hoss.


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  1. Ha, funny picture. . . . And I LOVE the Mexicans, I mean come on: El Rodeo, Las Cebollas, Ricardos, Dos Margaritas, Garcias, El Chico- we wouldn’t have none of that without them. Which would mean no queso dip. Which would make my life less enjoyable.

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