Things I learned while in college…

1. How to study. I owe this new found knowledge mostly to my dear American Government teacher Vaughn May. He truly lived up to all the Teagarden talk about how hard college would be.

2. I like living in a little bitty room. I love how everything is so close to bed. I wake up. I walk eight feet to the sink, to the refrigerator, to the bathroom, to my computer, to my closet. How awesome is that?

3. I like blogging. College is where I honed my blogging skills. In high school I barely even knew how to type.

4. I can live off an incredibly small amount of dollars. There is not much of a need for gas while in college so that in itself saved me tons of buckage. I eat what I can find (just today in fact, all I ate was free handouts from people). I have had lots and lots of free pizza and I have loved every piece.

5. How to get out of my comfort zone. I have met hundreds of new people. I came to Belmont knowing hardly anybody and I am leaving for the summer knowing mostly everybody. What a great feeling!

6. I love Gatorade. I bet I have consumed over 1,000 gallons of G-rade over the last eight months or so.

7. I love my dog, Rusty. Man I miss him.

8. High school was freakin’ awesome. I know some may disagree but fur me it was a lot of fun.

9. I will never master the comma. Full year down and I still have no idea when and where a comma goes.

10. I love Jesus. He is awesome and I have really got to become better friends with Him being out on my own.

11. I am a little to messy to be 19 years old. In order to go to bed tonight I will have to move a huge pile of clothes off my bed. Pathetic is what it is really. Thanks Brian for never letting my forget how messy I am.

12. Homeless people are cool. Homeless hand shaking has led me to find out what I believe is what I want to do with my life and that is help people.

13. I like naps. They are my one true passion in life.

14. How to read. Women, books, whatever, it doesn’t matter, I can read ’em.

15. I do not like being overweight. I think I am overweight now, but mark my words… that is all about to change.

The list goes on and on and there will most certainly be more to come.



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3 responses to “Smellmont

  1. mike holman

    since when hav u been able to read women?

  2. jake

    good ole bob…

  3. Marcel

    Good post, it reminded me of my freshman year.

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