Bruins and Bisons everywhere

I have not wrote a blog in a month of Sundays. To Jake and Grass I apologize for this. It has been a CRAZY time for this ole boy since he took off his cleats for the last time ever as a Bruin at the great Stetson U baseball field. Yes that is right. I am no longer a Bruin. Due to some extenuating circumstances I have decided to pursue other things in my life. These things include; bike riding, belly building, sun tanning, reading books, and maybe for the fist time I will make some decent grades.

So Ross, where are you going to college? I will be a Lipscomb Bison. This may fill you will all sorts of mixed emotions. First, you may think what a Benedict Arnold. Second, you may think what a little conformist. Third, you may think, Yay I can’t wait to see Ross in chapel. Lastly, you may think I do not want to be Ross’ friend anymore.

I had to do what I had to do. I will miss Belmont dearly. After all it is where I put away child like things for the first time and became a man. I plan to still see my friends that still go to Belmont quite a bit. But to those who also decided to hang up the cleats (Brian Taylor, Chad Fromm) and transfer out of BU I will miss you.

This may be poorly written and that is because it is 11:30 and I have yet to eat breakfast. I woke up watched a little Kate and Leopold, wondered downstairs, sat at my computer and decided it was time to get back into blogging. I am super excited about eating the cinnamon rolls mom prepared for me this morning!

Love ya’ll

“The Michael Jordan of blogging”

-Ross the Hoss



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3 responses to “Bruins and Bisons everywhere

  1. Finally a new post, you were keepin us hanging there for a while. Like the new format too.

  2. Tyler

    These new posts made my day haha. You are the man Ross!

  3. Marcel P.

    Leaving Belmont…so sad. Good luck at Lipscomb. We’ll be in touch still.

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