I have no home

Right now I am sitting at Raleigh’s house on Raleigh’s computer and here in a bit I will be heading to sleep in Raleigh’s bed. Raleigh is thousands of miles away enjoying coffee, Greg Oden, liberals, and Donald Miller in a far away land known as Portland, Oregon. Since Raleigh is on this little adventure I see no reason not to live his life here in Joelton. I work and play in Joelton but my house is a million miles away in Bellevue. I see no reason to not take advantage of this empty queen size bed five minutes from my place of work. So enough about that.

I have poison ivy on my arm. It makes me want to cut my arm off.

The picture below is a great moment captured in time. It is a beautiful night at the somewhat beautiful Greer Stadium home of the Sounds (and for a short time out of the year the Bruins). This picture is of my friend Brian and I just shooting the breeze during a game I can’t even recall. What I do recall is the great talks we would have on the bench, where I spent basically my whole second semester. We would talk a lot about how we were to please God that week, that day, that moment. Baseball was a spiritual hindrance for me for a while. Having to persevere and and keep my eyes on the prize were hard. Although I am transferring I do not regret one moment that I spent as a Bruin. I love Belmont.


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