My pecks are so sore. My only hope in this lifetime is to get my pecks and triceps into shape.

My friend Garrett is gettin’ hitched on Saturday. He is the first one of my friends to take the courageous plunge into holy matrimony. This fills me with so many emotions. Seems like just yesterday when Garrett and I would get the urge to go camping, go to Value Plus get some dogs for the fire and then spend the rest of the night drinking canned coke enjoying life.

I wonder if I’ll ever get married… I think it would be really fun to either go on to the popular t.v. show the  “Bachelorette” or be on the show ” The Bachelor” as the bachelor. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I think i would make a great bachelor.

Isn’t it weird how God programmed us to desire relationships. Most of us want to get married one day and all of us want friends. We are people who desire relationships. I know a talk a lot about the homeless people but so much of Jesus can be seen in the homeless community. They form friendships with each other not based on color or sex but based on the need for someone to talk to. I always think the couples that form from homeless folk are kind of funny. They do however show us what it means to form relationships with people no matter size, color, sex, crazy levels, or anything else for that matter.

I love you.

Ross the big bellied Hoss


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