Let the Wedding Bells Ring

My friend Garrrett took took the plunge tonight. There was a beautiful ceremony at the Bethel CoC and it was all around great. It is so weird to think that he is married. I can’t wait till all of my friends start gettin’ hitched, and I have lots of wedding to go to. I love weddings. I plan on having 15 different kinds of awesome punch at my wedding. I also plan on inviting you! I will be getting back to you on the date soon so don’t worry about that.

I wish I was a morning person instead of a night person. I can only imagine how sleepy I will be when I wake up in the morning. Man do I hate alarms.

Hope you and your life are doing awesome and lets hang out soon. Just call me or message me. I would love to hang out sometime.

Goodnight to you, friend.

Ross the ushering Hoss


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