The Thunder

I spent many hours today driving up and down Nolensville Road looking for a new truck, and no, I was not packin’ any heat. I think things would have went a lot better though if I were able to speak a little Spanish. I want nothing more in my life right now than to find a little bitty, automatic, semi-ghetto truck for sale.  If you know anyone who is selling a little truck then please, I beg you, let me know.

I have a new cat named Abraham who is a little spaz. A Mark Noth in cat form if you will. He is constantly clawing things and meowing for no apparent reason. I love him.

I had an interesting run in with two dudes the other night. While picking up one of the kids from my youth group two dudes emerged from what seemed the woods and asked if they could come. I quickly prayed and thought who am I to deny these dudes the Lord? So now I have three normal kids in my car and two guys who looked like they had just skinned the neighbors dog. All headed to Church.

After convincing them that cutting themselves with razor blades was not something we did at church they reluctantly entered the building. During the sermon and singing i decided to put myself into their vans sneakers. What if this was the first sermon I had ever heard? What if this was the first time I had heard Jesus being preached from a pulpit. It made things a lot more interesting and for my next blog I am going to post some of my thoughts from last Sunday nights experience. For now think of what it would be like if you had never heard Jesus before. What would you think of these fanatic Christians that you just happened to stumble upon? Think Think Think. Comment Comment Comment

Ross the big boy Hoss


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