Research Complete

In order to write this I must be 100% honest. I am an honest person I feel like, and I know you would expect nothing less from me.

Conclusions reached post “My first Church service.”

1. The songs are boring. Sure they have nice, meaningful lyrics that maybe my ninety year old grandmother could get down to but for me, not so much. In order for me to come back, I am going to need a little more pep in these people’s steps.

2. The people are moving at about the same pace as the songs. A snails pace if you will. I swear it took 3 whole minutes for a man to leave his front row seat, climb the solo step leading into the pulpit and start the prayer. Maybe I would let it slide if the man was say in a wheel chair, but this man looked as if he could have played wide out for the Titans. I cut him no slack.

3. The preacher was goofy. I know this is Church and I should not see the goofiness in people, but I couldn’t help it. His blazer hardly matched his slacks and his shirt was from the time of his birth which I estimate to be 1937. He did have some pretty interesting things to say though…

4. There is a lot of talk about “the lost” people. I wish they would just go out and find them. I bet they are eating in the fellowship hall.

5. Jesus seems pretty cool I guess. He seems to really be doing something in this guys life if his only job is to tell people about Him. I just don’t want Jesus to punish me. I sure have a lot of problems.

6. Sure the people are not really my people and they move slow, but I think I would like to hear more. Jesus seems pretty interesting. He has had so much of an impact on all these people, maybe I’ll check into the Jesus scene. See whats up. Or maybe I will jut go home, play some X box and call it a night… We shall see.

I left “my first church service” feeling a bit frustrated. The two kids that I wanted so desperately to make an impact on probably left not very impacted at all.  What is the deal? My next blog will be centered on things that I feel like could be done different (in my church at least) in order to keep the people juvinated for Jesus. i think I made up a word. Juvinated? Anybody? is that a word?


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  1. Ahh– Brings back great memories of the good ole days at my old church before I came to Long Hollow. Everybody in there smelt like moth balls, and my grandfather came in every Sunday and went straight to sleep right there in the pew. And there they would actually sing good songs occasionally but just take the tempo way down and turn it into elevator music.

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