Psalm 13

Hello there. This blog is continuing the “My first church service” series so hold on to your freakin’ seats.

Things I think every church service should consist of.

1. Upbeat attitudes from the people. I think every church service should be treated as if it were our last. More than likely there will be people who are hearing the gospel for the first time, and we all need to be teaching as if Jesus is riding his chariot to pick us all up that very night. I struggle with my attitude and upbeatness (if you will) mostly on Sunday mornings. I have been getting better but dadgumit im just so tired. Here is a quote that greatly applies here. “If you want to draw a crowd, set yourself on fire with a passion and let them watch you burn.” AWESOME. Apply it. Love it.

2. The sermon should be based more on God’s love than our daily moral choices. I am not saying, of course, that our moral choices do not matter. I am saying however, that they do not matter if you are not living in God’s love. Morals should be second to experiencing the love of God and every newcomer needs to realize this first and foremost. It breaks my little heart when people view Christianity as a list of rules that must be followed and nothing more.

3. No meaningless announcements. Sure, announcements are important but lets focus on what really matters here. Get up, announce the sick, and anyone else who needs prayer and then sit down. I do not believe it necessary to announce that the secret sisters will be meeting at Picadilly to exchange flowers and tissues. Read the bulletin folks.

I constantly am asking myself if I were to not have grown up in the church would I be a Christian. Am I down with J.C. because I have been to church 7,000 consecutive Sundays or because God is actually changing my life? hmmm….

I love you like crazy.

Ross Hoss


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