New Direction

I have been in my office for what seems like days. I have a lesson to give tonight to the high school boys class and I am extremely interested to see how it goes. I would share what I am talking about but there may be girls reading this so I can’t.

Sometimes in high school, when we would have these split devos/classes I would wonder what the girls would be talking about. What a great mystery it was to me! I always figured they were talking about sex and we were supposed to talk about sex but just never would.

Have you ever seen the movie Rushmore? If not get out of your hole and go rent it. It will more than likely change your life. Jason Shwartz (aka Cameron Himes) plays an over achieving fifteen year old who is in love with his teacher. You will not regret the 93 minutes you spend watching it. I guarantee it.

Ross the bored Hoss


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