My new bike

So I went to Springfield today withe the BYG (Bethel youth group) to enjoy an oh so good charbroiled hamburger from Burger King. While riding shotgun in the sweltering church van about half way to BK a sparkling object on the side of the road caught my eye. I squinted my eyes, peered around three giggling girls wrestling in the seat behind me and that is when I saw it. I was a good football field lengths away from it but I could almost hear the purple, sparkling bicycle saying, “Ross, come pedal me.”

So immediately upon returning to the church building I hopped into my gas guzzling mini monster truck and drove right back to Springfield. I had the full intentions of loading this beauty of machine into my truck and riding away in pure bliss. After arriving I met the man who owned the bike and sized him up immediately. We went back and forth for a solid five minutes and finally decided on the price of $26. My bargaining efforts saved me $9! So with the help of Jordie “Pie” Mccool I loaded my new bike into my truck, ready to take her home for a nice ride around my neighborhood.

So after riding around my cul-de-sac about a hundred times I parked my new prized pocession in the driveway. Probably not five minutes had passed when my father comes barreling through the door yelling, “Hey Ross, why did you buy a girl’s bike?”

I am crushed. If I continue to ride my new bike around I will become the laughing stock of the neighborhood. My self-esteem is already low enough without having to deal with the repercussions of riding a girlie bike around.

I am most definitely stuck between a rock and a hard place…


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  1. Ashley Carrasco

    I want that bike.

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