What are your motives?

A father is disciplining his son. The son has apparently played football in the house again and happened to catch the winning touchdown pass right on his mother’s bookshelves, breaking some valuable figurines and what not. The boy’s father is yelling and threatening, creating lots of fear in his wide eyed little boy.  The boy, who had just the night before spent the entire night giggling and watching I Love Lucy reruns with his father is terrified. He has betrayed his father. He is devastated. He is not upset  because there may be some physical punishment, such as a few thrashings to the head, but because at this point he feels distant from his father.

Fear drives us and motivates us to do a lot things. However, I feel like our fear is a lot of the time misplaced. For instance, my fear of failing a test so my parents do not get mad is what motivates me to study. What is not motivating me to study is my pursuit of knowledge.

We pursue God with a fear of Hell in our minds. We want to say we are believers so that hopefully when we die we can go to Heaven. This is bull malarchy. We should say we are Christians because we are living in Christ. We know Him and He knows us. We do not live in the fear of Hell but in the freedom of Heaven. The fear of Hell approach to evangelism is way to overplayed. God sets people free of that fear and more Christians need to realize that.


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