So I jsut raleiezed taht my lsat psot was porbably the msot sreoius psot I hvae eevr wittren.

Ltes us all put a silme on tdoay and mkae a dfiferecne in smooeens lfie!

Rsos Hsos



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3 responses to “Woha!

  1. donna moffitt

    You and your brother continue to inspire me. I feel fortunate and grateful to have you both. And, thanks , for making me smile.

  2. mike holman

    put a slime on?? thats gross ross why would I put a slime on?? what does that even mean anyways?

  3. rosshoss

    haha. I just want people to remember and put a slime on or two before they leave the house each morning. I often will leave my slime at home and on those days i feel like i impact no one.

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