The Biblical Batman

So I saw the move “The Dark Night” two nights ago and thought it was fantastic. After the movie my friend Nick and I got into a debate as to whether or not Batman was really a Bat”girlie”man or not because he refused to kill people. I said he was not. Nick claimed that he was. What do you think?

Batman believes that the innate good of mankind can prevail against evil. Remind you of anyone else you might now?

Here are the top five reasons why I think Jesus would be totally down with making some popcorn, grabbing some holy water, and enjoying a late showing of the “Dark Night”.

1. Jesus would completely agree with the teachings of Batman. Jesus believed non-violence was the answer and so does Batman. Jesus would probably give a big Amen during multiple parts of the movie.

2. Batman does not want to be a hero. He just wants to be what the people of Gotham need him to be. Jesus did not come in a flaming chariot throwing lightning bolts at Sinners. When the world needed a savior there was Jesus in all his perfection. He did NOT do whatever it took to get glory. He was just simply, the person the world needed him to be.

3. Batman uses the people around him. Jesus loves to take the Lucious Foxes and the Alrfeds of the world and make them great. After the movie Jesus would probably say something like, “I really liked that Alfred guy. Ya’ll should try to be more like him.”

4. Batman knows what he wants and goes after it. Jesus was on a mission since day one. He was on the earth for a reason and he understood that reason. In the same way that Batman understands that his purpose is to protect Gotham from crime, Jesus understood that His job was to protect the WORLD from crime.

5. Batman was in love with Rachel Dawes. Jesus also was in love with Rachel Dawes. In the same way of course that He is in love with you and I. Love can be a beautiful thing… Especially the unconditional kind.

After the movie Jesus would probably invite Batman over to His hut to share a meal. I imagine they would talk about things such as… Two Face’s final resting place, ways to enhance the karate chop, the book of Revelation, therefore apocalyptic literature, new and improved gadgets for the batmobile, and why Jesus was living in a hut…I could go on for days but I’ll stop there. You get the drift. Convo would be out of this world awesome.

So yeah, I think both Batman and Jesus are MEN in every sense of the word.

Do you see the similarities between Batman and Jesus? Let me know via some comments…

-Ross Hoss



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6 responses to “The Biblical Batman

  1. schmoffly

    Ross, I agree. IN FACT, Lucius Fox (aka Mr. Freeman) was God in a movie? Coincidence that you think Jesus would like him? I think not!

  2. mark

    I think aspect that was strongest to me was that both Batman and Jesus had been needed by people, despite who they represented. In fact, both had been needed as they wanted them to be. Often Christians have this perception that Christ’s mission had been solely to become sacrificial lamb for our sin. I would content that being sacrificial lamb has to do with main mission of Christ, which is to reunite people with God by open eyes from our blindness which often is carried out by mundane habitual religious discipline.
    If hope of reunite with living our lives with God for eternity and only way we are able to do so by being foolish and selfish people of Gotham city, how badly we must need Jesus to die for our sins which we would not allow ourselves to take hope that was freely given to us.
    But in large, I agree with you that there are much similarity in much of what had happened with Batman that portrayed Jesus. Perhaps Christopher Nolan has been influenced by Jesus…

  3. Alphanoodle

    Well, the biggest similarity i saw was the way Jesus was crucified, so was Batman, he took the blame for Dent for the people, just like Jesus.

    Actually, I’m not even Christian or Catholic, I”m azn, but I still think this.

  4. F3DeX

    In Batman Returns you can see there is a similarity in the whole movie.

  5. yeah, its Truth, and the joker represents exactly the personality of Satan, he call himself “agent of chaos” he never goes after the money or something of the world, he only try to bring death and misery to the world, this movie has a profound message that not all the people understood. goodnight.. Postscript: Jesuschirst is the Lord

  6. There are some similarities, but a crucial difference. I wrote about it here:

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