What is in a name anyways?

As most of the people who read this already know, sometimes against my many objections people insist on referring to me as “Rossie” instead of my given name “Ross.” I am pretty sure my mother has not called me Ross since the day I was born. It has been Rossie since the day I began to consider this planet my home.

So I was thinking… I wonder if any of the great people of history were known by their closest friends and family by their name plus the suffix of “ie.” Lets consider some possibilities.

Georgie Washington- You know it was little Georgie who cut down that cherry tree.

Georgie Bush- I could definitely see this one.

Martie Luther King Jr.-Due to my new love for him I sometimes catch myself calling him “Martie”

Frankie Sinatra- Frankie was so good with the ladies.

Clintie Eastwood- “Now Clintie, put that cigar out right now. No smoking in the house!”

Robbie Redford- I think this is the closest to me. I see a lot of similarities between me and Robbie.

Arnie Shwarznegger- Arnie I heard you squated 900 lbs. today. I am so proud of you.

Snoopie Dogg- “Not in my house Snoopie, go wash your mouth out with soap.”

Markie Andrews (Sisqo)- “I have always wanted a son like you Markie. I am so proud that you road the “Thong Song” all the way to the top.”

I could go on for days. Please add some more good ones via comments.

-Rossie Hossie


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One response to “What is in a name anyways?

  1. schmoffly

    Davie Price- ” Davie that 97 mph fastball sure took that guy by surprise!”

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