“The main cause for atheism today is that they see Christians walk into the church and praise Jesus with their lips then walk out the doors and deny Him with their life. It is what the unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”

-D.C. Talk

D.C. talk is the only reason I am still in the church today. Here is some more of their inspiring lyrics…

Well I’m lookin’ into hookin’ with a lady

Not a girly of the wirl’y thats shady

But the kind of girl you meet behind the doors of a church

Ya see, God will bring her to me so I don’t have to search

In school Monday mornin’ at 8 am

First period and I am stuck with gym

Get dressed in the locker room and head out the door

Not really feelin’ like I had before

My boys grab me by the arm and pull me aside

“Yo T”, “Yo what?”, “Its time to get high”

I thought for a second didn’t utter a word

Looked em in the eye and said haven’t you heard

About a change in my life

Now I am free

Christ took on the time for a brother like me

I turned, took a step as I walked away

and just smiled, you couldn’t help but say




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3 responses to “

  1. donna moffitt

    I posted a comment to you on Josh’s blog. Have a great and wonderful day, my wonderful son.

  2. Schmoffly

    So a man with a tat on his big fat belly it wiggled around like marmalade jelly
    It took me a while to catch what he said cause I had to match the rhythm of his
    belly with his head Jesus saves is what it raved in a typical tattoo green
    He stood on a box in the middle of the city and he claimed he had a dream…

  3. great song. love it. dc talk rules!

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