Garth Brooks

As I am sure most of you know David Heintzman passed away in a car crash Saturday afternoon. This was a horrible loss not only to the Heintzman family but also to all of those who knew David through church, school, swimming lessons, or anything else he was so actively involved in. Please keep this family in your prayers. Also, let it be known that Mr. Heintzman had really awesome sideburns.

Who when read “please keep them in your prayers” actually will pray for this family? How often do we say, “Oh, I will be praying for you about that.” Then we never actually get around to praying for that thing we said we would pray about. I know I am throwing out the prayer card all the time. I have been a heck of a whole lot better about actually reading those prayer cards lately, but I used to rarely ever take the time. So I challenge you to talk about praying for people and then actually follow through and pray for them.

Ross Hoss is praying for you (or is he?)


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