“Dadgum Gas Prices”

This is a little song Mike and I wrote. We play at birthday parties, retirements, funerals, weddings, and college parties. If you want to hire us just let me know.

This song is based on a true story from my life. Enjoy!

Verse 1

Just got home from work

Walked in the front door

Was met by my baby

She said you can’t drive that old truck no more

So I hadned her my keys

Its these dadgum gas prices that are killin’ me

Walked over to the table

Put my face in my hands

Sat there and wondered

Was I even still a man…

Chorus- I love my old truck

I really love to haul stuff

I could drive around all day long

Behind the wheel of that Chevy

Is where I belong

Verse 2- So I went out the next day

Hopped in my truck

Almost started cryin’

When I thought this could be the last time

I’d ever fire it up

Went down to the car lot

Bought me a gas savin’ machine

My friends said seein me drive it

Beat all they had ever seen


On my way home one night

Been a long night at the bar

Got behind the wheel

In my cramped up little car

I never even saw that deer

Probably ’cause I was to drunk to even steer

So I nailed it

Left that car on the side of the road

Baby came and picked me up and I said

Honey I told you so

Police man said it was a wonder I didn’t die

Next day I was back behind the wheel of my Chevy

Never felt so alive

Went out and hauled that deer away

And swore the world would never see another day

When I’d let the price of a gallon of gas

Take my truck away.



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2 responses to ““Dadgum Gas Prices”

  1. Kate Keith

    that is not a true store. is it?

  2. Josh

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! For the song, not drunk driving.

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