Pitsburgh Pirates

This may make you want to jump off the building your computer is sitting in, or maybe you will want to hug your computer, or maybe the dramatic way in which I am writing this sentence will make you roll your eyes because you do not care about what I am about to tell you, but I have decided to play baseball again.

That is right. The “Tornado” is dusting off his cleats, this time as a Lipscomb Bison. I hope the team is half as awesome as the guys on Belmont’s team.

I am horribly out of shape and will be lucky to even make it through the next two weeks of conditioning. My arches are going to hurt a lot. I just know it.

Who sang these lyrics? (stop by condo 104 to redeem your prize. if you know it.)

“Some say I am uneducated, obnoxious and lazy, my opinion means nothing, but I know I am a real good dancer”



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3 responses to “Pitsburgh Pirates

  1. jake

    john mellencamp…I’m obsessed with the 80’s

  2. Charles Moffitt

    Good news about playing again. Go for it Ross.

  3. Donna

    Your dad, Josh and I can’t wait to see you throw your curve ball, see the batter flailing away for the third strike, third out of the inning and then watch you saunter in your Ross-like way off the mound back to the dugout. Sorry for this run-on sentence. Mom

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