Where she goes is where she is.

Here I am at flag world. Here I am in Nashville. Nashville is my home. Alan Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Johnson, and myself all happily call Nashville our home. I wonder what Carrie has to say about the Vince Young situation… Kerry Collins led our Titans to a comfortable victory today against the Bengals. Poor Vince…

Most would disagree, but some consider me to be an athlete.  Whatever you consider me to be the bottom line is that I play sports.  Let us take one short moment out of our lives to think about the enormous pressure that is put on athletes. I remember whenever we played in the State Tourney my senior year it seemed like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. It was a highschool baseball for goodness sake. If you would have been in my cleats thinking my thoughts at the time though you would have realized it was much bigger than that. I believe it to be this way with almost every high school athlete. SO MUCH PRESSURE.

second memory: I had a messed up shoulder so I had Snoddy rub some possibly illegal ointment on it before the second DCA game my senior year. Long story short my shoulder went numb and I completely sucked. The lowest sports point of my career. It was a regular season game against a nobody team and yet it hit me harder than a ton of bricks.

Vince Young is in the NFL. Not highschool but the NFL. SOOOO much pressure is put on him and the thing is anybody who has played sports knows that you feel that pressure in your head. When you come out on top the feeling is indescribable. When you come out on bottom the feeling is still indescribable just in a much different way. It sucks that it has to be this way but that is just how it is. I feel for Vince. I want him to have a wonderful career. I know what I have considered to be at least half of the feeling he is feeling right now and it sucks. I just hope he can bounce back… Keep your eyes on the prize Vince. Nashville is rooting for you.

Some have heard me rantin’ and ravin’ about how I want Vince out of the country. I just want the best quarterback in the game and I really want that to be Vincey. I open my room to him with love if he does not make it in the NFL. I love all Titans. Some more than others though (Chris Johnson).



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4 responses to “Where she goes is where she is.

  1. I kind of want to feel sorry for Vince Young, but I just can’t– The man gets paid more in a single year than most of us will ever see in a lifetime. He needs to get his act together!

  2. rosshoss

    He does not decide his pay. and im sure it is nice to go home to nice cars and a nice house but all the money in the world cant replace the feeling of letting down your team and city… amen ross.

  3. Schmoffly

    Ross, I just love how you poured out your feelings about Vince Young. I’m sure he appreciates it. Goooooooooooo Vince!

  4. of all people u want an opinion of the situation….carrie underwood, ross? what the heck man

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