It is 12:16 and here I am typing away in the middle of philosophy class. My legs, back, and arms hurt. I broke a sweat walking up a small amount of stairs this morning because it was so tough on my poor legs. If you got here via clicking on the link that I put on Raleigh’s facebook note then welcome to Ross Hoss land!

My friend Siobhan is sitting right next to me. You should be her friend too.

Also you should be friends with my roommates Drew and Reece. Drew is gone a lot and likes to wear my clothes but I still love him. Reece is not gone a lot and likes to clean up after me and I love him as well. It is my desire to you have you come over to our condo this weekend and hang out with us. Yes, Saturday should work just fine. See ya then!

Ross Hoss



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3 responses to “Plato

  1. Schmoffly

    How does Drew fit in your clothes?

  2. Donna

    Can I come and bring over a pan of apple dumplings and ice cream this weekend for you all? I love your heart, Ross Moffitt.

  3. Brittany

    I’m glad I could borrow your book just to make sure you wouldn’t be tempted to pay attention and stop blogging.

    And…everything I’ve read on here is HILARIOUS! =)

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