Im gonna miss her when I get home…

So as most of you know I have decided to once again hang my cleats up high and pursue life. We had a good run baseball and me, but there comes a time in every man’s life where he just has to listen to his heart. For now my heart is telling me to lay on the couch and volunteer places.

So I was talking to my roommate Reece the other day and I decided that not only was I playing baseball all these years, but I was also dating baseball. Once I decided to stop playing was like I was deciding to break up with my girlfriend of fifteen years. Sorry if you read my facebook status and thought I broke up with a real girlfriend. However, in many ways I did. I will explain…

1. I have so many memories with baseball- Between Joelton Little league and my brief Bison time there are a countless number of memories that I have with baseball. I will never forget them. Most of them anyways.

2. Sometimes me and baseball would get in fights. There have been times when baseball was not kind to me so I had to be mean back. It hurt me to call her names like stupid, dumb, and meaningless, but most of the time baseball called it upon herself.

3. Sometimes I would just sit and watch her. Sometimes baseball and sleeping are one in the same. Baseball would always catch me watching her when she was not even looking. Sometimes I would be watching her and I would drift into a wonderful sleep. Knowing that she was there in the room with me just made me feel at ease.

4. “I just feel like God is leading me in another direction.”- These are the words I told my Lipscomb coach when I decided to hang it up. I think this is a pretty widely used break up line. It is completely true though. I do feel that way.

5. Now that she is gone I find myself thinking about baseball a lot. The other day I went and watched Belmont practice. I was real sneaky about it and stayed up in the stands. Mainly so baseball would not see me. I don’t want her thinking I miss her and still have a thing for her.

Why do chickens not play baseball?

They always hit fowl balls.

Mom just texted me this….

Ross the Hoss



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2 responses to “Im gonna miss her when I get home…

  1. Jessica Knight

    Ross, I can feel the break-up pain. And then throwing that line from a Brad Paisley song… that’s what shook me the most.
    In all honesty, I understand where you are coming from and I’m proud of you that you are putting your “girlfriend of 15 years” aside to pursue the next part of your life! It’s going to be GREAT!!!

  2. schmoffly

    So does this mean that you will get a real girlfriend?

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