Go Dores!

May we all never forget the day that the Auburn Tigers came to Nashville, Tennessee and were upset by our very own Vanderbilt Commodores. The city of Nashville has never seen more promising days than this. With the upset of Auburn the Vanderbilt Commodores move to 5-0 sending the entire city into a frenzy. The frenzy has swept me up right in the middle of it taking me for the ride of my life.

The score is 13-14 with c. two minutes left in the fourth quarter. Vandy punter, Brett Upson, kicks a marvelous kick to leave Auburn inside of Vandy’s five yard line. When the Vandy football player, whose name is not known at this moment, catches the punt after only one bounce, saving it from going into the endzone, I was already about on my own fourth bounce in Condo 104. I ran outside by the pool only to be met by about fifteen of my fine neighbors out on the their balconies. I yelled, air high fived all fifteen of them then we all simultaneously ran back inside to see what could possibly happen next. Could this be the year of the Commodores?

I take a seat on my couch, cold drink in hand. I watch Auburn’s quarterback drop back for the first play of their drive. He lofts the ball to the left side of the field. I see that is under thrown. I see National Championship rings. I see the what seems like hundred of Vandy losses I have witnessed in the past. I see Old men crying. I see the Hickerson family praying. I see Jay Cutler longing. I see Joey Dixon making jokes. I see tons of beautiful women. I see a cynical Garrett predicting an Auburn touchdown. Then I see one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. A Commodore interception!

I was ecstatic. Raleigh and I embraced. Then I asked him if he wanted to run down to the field and join in on the celebration. He of course said of course and we strapped on our sneakers and bolted down to the stadium. We walked out from underneath the tunnel and were met by forty thousand of our best friends. After “wuuhuuing” about twelve more times we just grew silent and soaked it all in. After giggling at the dancing Vanderbilt players down on the field we wielded our sweaty, happy, stunned, little bodies back to Condo 104. Saturday, October 4th is a day that I will not soon forget. Go Dores!

-Ross the Dore fan Hoss


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