My naaame is Kiiiiiiid Roooock

I needed to go get my brother a card for his birthday tomorrow so i took a little late night drive to the Walgreens. I am convinced that all areas of our great  city our sketchy past the ten o’clock hour. I am thankful to my mother for a lot of things but mainly for keeping me to my early curfew.  I have remained so innocent over the years and am just now figuring this out. Anyways, it is during this trip to Walgreens that I decided that there is hope for our  oh so  troubled country. Sure there are dudes shootin’ up other dudes over a cigarrette. Or  women who feel the need to flaunt themselves around like flossy mommas in order to make a few bucks on the street. I will tell you this though. Americans will not park in parking spots reserved for the handicaps of the world.

Go to the sketchiest neighborhoods in America and I guarentee you that unless there is a little man on a blue piece of paper sitting in a wheal chair hanging from the rearview mirror then there will be no one parked in the handicap spots. I am convinced there is no danger in parking in one of those spots. Police are not patrolling the area parking lots looking for little blue pieces of paper on a mirror.

It is my strong belief that once people start parking in handicap spots who are perfectly able to walk, run, and/or jog then all hope for this country is gone. But until then rock on America!


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  1. I like your use of the term “flossy mommas”- it is rather hilarious.

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