Go Rays

I am a business man. Tomorrow I will wake up at ten oclock, snooze until ten o five and then start my day. Post shower I will put my on my tie. I only wear ties maybe three times a year.

If I could be any other Caucasian right now I would be Evan Longoria…

I wish I really knew who I was voting for.

I failed a math class today miserably. It has left me with no other choice but to drop it.

If I was Adam Pacman Jones I would jump off a very high building if I ever took the time to examine what I was doing with my life.

I love to play video games.

I wish I knew why our neighbors above us liked to bump to loud rap music at such late hours.

I think Remember the Titans is the best movie I have ever seen.

I miss striking people out.

I am closing my eyes now.

Goodnight world

Ross Hoss



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2 responses to “Go Rays

  1. Well if you need any completely unbiased, nonpartisan, opinions or suggestions as to who to vote for- I can help you out! haha

  2. schmoffly

    I think Adam Jones needs Jesus, not high buildings to jump off of

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