What is wrong and right with this world.

Two different situations have occurred today that I think say a lot about our American society. First situation…

By the cash register we have the terrorist playing cards for sale. We have had them probably since 9/11 and are still trying to sell out our first shipment. Anyways, a man is checking out and he looks at the cards and says this. “The only one they are missing is Obama.”

This man was an obviously pretty well to do older white dude. When he said it I looked at his face and he was not smiling but was very angry. The whole thing just made me really uncomfortable. This guy sporting his denim and blazer felt it necessary to throw out a terrible comment to me, some dude selling flags, on a Sunday afternoon. Pathetic.

Second situation. About two days ago my friend here at flag world loaned a homeless guy five dollars so that him and his wife could get a hotel room for the night. The homeless guy told my friend that he would bring back the money the next time my friend was working to pay him back. This guy could literally use every cent he earns by selling “The Contributor” (a homeless newspaper) to go to help him buy life’s necessities. So my friend is at work here today with me and in walks the homeless man with five one dollar bills in his hand. He hands my friend the money, thanks him, and then leaves. I bet this poor homeless guy was not going around throwing out hateful racial slurs to random people he encountered on the street…. But i bet many would think he would way before the well to do white business guy would. But today at flag world that was not the case.



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3 responses to “What is wrong and right with this world.

  1. Schmoffly

    Cool story, Ross. I miss The Contributor…

  2. Donna

    Reminds me of a certain parable in the Bible …who is our neighbor after all?

  3. rosshoss

    Donna, you speak complete nonsense.

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