Black Moses

So last Saturday I woke up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning (which I estimated to be the second time I have seen 5 in the morning. The first time being when I went duck hunting in third grade.) and headed for Scottsville Kentucky for an inner city camp that my family was helping with. Anyways blah blah blah. I came to this conclusion while sitting in one of the devos that happened during the day.

The reason crime rate is higher among African Americans (a proven fact) is because people in the Bible were white. I don’t blame the African American for being a little upset. Think about it. You are an African American and you flip on your tube and maybe the movie The Ten Commandments happens to be on. As far as you know this movie is pretty close to how the real story of Moses looked. Last time I checked Charlton Heston is not black. He is actually very white. Santa Claus is white. And so is Jesus. That has to be really hard to swallow for an African American person. So in order to fill their needs for a higher being they start putting their faith into super-humans such as Denzel Washington and Michael Jordan. Both very great men, but I can’t remember the last time Denzel encouraged us to love our enemies and give to the poor.

Clearly the above was just me trying to be funny. But on a serious note it is sad that all Bible characters and Holiday characters are portrayed as white people. I want a black Moses! I want a black Easter Bunny! I don’t think America will be done with its racial issues until this happens.



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3 responses to “Black Moses

  1. schmoffly

    Ross, did you know that the people in the Bible were actually very dark skinned? They were Middle Eastern. Did you know that?

  2. rosshoss

    ummm last time i checked they were very light skinned much like my own skin… dont debate the facts josh!

  3. jamielea

    The history channel devoted a show to what they think jesus might have looked like by using the geography of where he was, and what those people look like. The picture seems pretty norm to me. Just google “what color was Jesus’ skin?” and it is like the fourth picture over I believe.

    I got bored at work one day and was thinking about the same thing. but the picture kind of made me feel better…

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