So I just completed my season in MLB 2K7 by winning the World Series with the Houston Astros! I am so excited right now! It was a long 40 game season, in which I played every game. Here are some of my stats…


40 wins 0 losses


Team ERA of 1.46

Strike Outs 259

Walks 7

Hits 257

Runs 67


Avg 391

HR 289

RBI 442

AB 1621

Runs 444

Hits 634

Doubles 117

Triples 11

Total Bases 1640

Lance Berkman avg. 541 HR 55 RBI 73 AB 183 Runs 78 Hits 99 2B 20 3B 2 TB 288 OBP 553 Defense PO 454

Carlos Lee avg 512 HR 44 RBI 65AB 168 R 60 H 86 2B 13 TB 231 OBP 529

Craig Biggio AVG 372 HR 32 RBI 48 AB 183 R 52 H 68 2B 12 3B 2 TB 189 OBP 373 Defense 91 Assist 173

Ross Chamblee (My created player. He is from France.) Avg 484 HR48 RBI 74 AB 184 R 72 H 89 2B14 TB 249



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5 responses to “ON TOP OF THE WORLD

  1. Schmoffly


    your stats seem a little inflated. Lance Berkman was on pace to hit 223 home runs with nearly 300 RBIs in the regualar season. It seems that you were going to make it to the World Series as well, so assuming that you play the minumum number of games (since you have not lost), which is 10, the he would have hit another 14 in the postseason as well.

    The only realistic part was that Ross Chamblee had zero (0) steals.

  2. Steve

    Why aren’t you studying?

  3. rosshoss

    why arent you telling the nurses at the doctors office about how you patched up my jeans!?!?!? just kidding. i thought it was cute.

  4. Schmoffly

    So no one thought my steals comment was funny? 😦

  5. Schmoffly

    So… no one thought my steals comment was funny? 😥

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