Barack Obama- our new president

Let me tell you why I liked all this election hooplah…

I thought about things I have never thought about before.

The country thought about things they have never thought of before.

I had great educated discussions with many people about politics. A first for me.

The country had a lot of educated discussions about politics. Many for the first time.

I was forced into opening my mind.

The country is being forced into opening their mind.

I read more blogs over the last few weeks than I ever have.

The country is writing more blogs in the last few weeks than they ever have.

I have learned a lot.

Our country is learning a lot.

I am keeping this positive because that is how I believe we should be right now. There is no room in this country for people expressing their negative opinions on things that they now cannot change. I encourage everyone to continue praying for our chosen president even though it may not be who you wanted it to be. Never underestimate the power of prayer friends. NEVER!

Ross the politically drained Hoss


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