At the start of the year Drew, Reece, and I decided to start a point system in which points would be given out depending on the good things that one roommate would do for the other. And vice versa if a roommate did something stupid then points would be taken away.

Here is some examples of what could get you points.

1. Bring girls over to the condo

2. Fix dinner for the roommates

3. Clean up post parties

4. Supply the party

5. Laugh at a roommate’s semi funny joke in a public setting

6. Send an ally oop joke in a roommates direction

Now for those infractions that get you penalized points

1. Be sprawled out on the big couch

2. Leave a mess on the coffee table

3. Keeping your phone on ring during a text convo

4. Publicly insulting a roommate

5. Bringing annoying friends over real late at night

6. Playing six or more hours straight of any video game

7. Requesting to change the channel off of a football game on Saturdays

We also will allow for someone to dish and de dish points out whenever they deem necessary. Let all roommates for all time abide by these rules.


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  1. Schmoffly


    I can’t help but feel that the first two infractions might be your downfall.

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