I want everyone to take a second and pull out your bottom lip just far enough where you can look down and gaze upon it straight on with your very own eyes. Is this the first time you have ever actually seen your bottom lip? Not the reflection but your actual lip. Eyes on lip.

Now exercise this thought. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to see your own forehead. You can see everybody else’s forehead in the entire world but you will never be able to see your own. Probably the most mind blowing thing about it all is that your forehead is so close to your eyes but yet you will never see it. Is that weird to you?

This all hit me in Bible class today when I was playing with my lips and looked down and happen to catch a glance of my real lip. It was strange to think I had never seen it before… Let all this soak in before you pass immediate judgment on me.



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3 responses to “hmmmmmm

  1. Schmoffly

    I once heard a 4 year old say the same thing

  2. Schmoffly

    I immediately passed judgment.

    But it’s true.

  3. Steve

    I can’t believe half of you came from me.

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