De La Ross

I am just some guy from some small town

some take me serious some say I am a clown

i cant really decide what i want for me

it has been this way since i went to Joelton Elementary

I said i wanted to be a cowboy one day

oh the things you say in first grade

in middle school i ate too many snacks

sometimes up to twelve bowls a day of apple jacks

It led to a big belly and a lots of chins

and also to me having exactly zero friends

Seventh grade i headed out to Martin Luther King

I played basketball which greatly improved things

I lost weight and made a few playmates

but that was not enough to make me stay

I headed back to goodpasture a new size

Kate Kieth back then i think i despised

highschool came and went so fast

laughing and getting in trouble for talking in class

I got a car and then my social life hit the streets

I was never home and i got very little sleep

I graduated confident that i left it all on the court

I was headed off the Belmont to be a baseball dork

I learned a lot from my time there being a baseball dude

How to study, throw a slider, and to live with Mitch to name a few

I got out of there and headed to Lipscomb down the street

I felt like that is where Jesus wanted me to be

Now i sit here at flag world excited about what the future might hold

Especially the part about the future of my soul

i hope everybody has a good day and dont get rained on

I bid everyone a so long.

Ross Hoss


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One response to “De La Ross

  1. raleightatum

    I think this is my favorite one of your posts. We should solely write poetry from this point on.

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