Flag World

All I have learned in life I have learned by working at Flag World. Here are a few…

1. I am perfectly content with being in a room for hours upon hours with just a lap top to entertain me.

2. I know nothing about flags.

3. People absolutely LOVE to buy stuff with their name on it.

4. People from up North think they are better than the people down South.

5. Not all homeless people are looking for your spare change.

6. In some country somewhere they say “Cheers” instead of thank you.

7. I only know one language and that is English. I can’t even really understand different accents.

8. I love Australians.

9. Nashville attracts all types, from the rednecks, to the train riders, to the top business executives.

10. I love Nashville.

11. People love anything with a Pirate on it.

12. Most parents will buy their kid WHATEVER they want.

13. Boast the cheapest water in town and you got yourself a business.

14. Cowboy Boot shops make serious cash, as do homeless people….

15. Rob Bironas is a city wide super star.

16. Throw together some Titans, some beer, and put them all in a bar and you have yourself a family.

17. The Grand Ole Opry is not downtown. Neither is the Harley Davidson place.

18. Elvis is still the King.

19. Most tourists just want to be your friend.

20. The word “Ya’ll” apparently sounds really funny to a lot of people.

21. I am the number one flag salesman in the city. BAR NONE!

22. I have way to much free time to not have better grades. But I sure do have some neat blogs!


Ross the number one flag salesman in the city Hoss



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4 responses to “Flag World

  1. Schmoffly

    Ross, I far outstripped you when it came to flag selling. It’s a fact. There is no arguing with it.

  2. rosshoss

    There is not an ounce of truth in that. Craig even told me I was the number one flag salesman. I think you were fourth or fifth. I was to busy holding up my trophy to notice.

  3. Donna Moffitt

    I am sure you are (were) both equally good at flag selling. Mom
    P.S. When was the last time you read I Love You the Purplest?

  4. rosshoss

    I have never claimed to have ever actually read that book… for good reason to mind you.

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