Last night my friend Chelsea came over and with her she brought a drink I do believe Jesus mixed himself. It was delicious and of course it had to come from Starbucks. So tonight I did something I have never done before. I went with my friend Emily and purchased a Starbucks tall White Chocolate Mocha. You may think oh surely you have bought other drinks there before it was just your first time to get this particular kind. Sadly, that is not the case. I have literally spent over a thousand hours sitting either outside or inside of a Starbucks with random groups of people for years and have never given into the man and bought coffee until tonight.

I have what I call my free water ticket. It is free to be redeemed at anytime anywhere. Wherever I am I like to boast that I can just redeem my free water ticket and get some water. I say that to say this. Starbucks has over the years supplied me with enough water to quench the thirst of a thousand NBA players. Never once have they supplied me with that nasty, addicting drug known as caffeine.

Have I changed after chugging that delicious, chocolatey drink from heaven? I think it is fair to say that I have. I have now been introduced to the wonderful world of coffee made by other hands than my own. I have been known to throw some chocolate chips into a homemade brew of my own, but something tells me they have found the trick that I have yet to discover in making coffee.

What is this trick? Should I continue mixing whipped cream, chocolate chips, hazelnut creamers, strawberries, snozberries into my coffee searching for my own breakthrough flavor, or should I just give in and go to the starbucks that I could literally throw a Drew from my back porch and hit? The wintery wonderland outside demands an answer. I guess I shall supply it with one soon.

Also let it be known I think God sips coffee while deciding what is best for us up in Heaven. Coffee can be spiritual experience. Do not doubt that even for a second.



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5 responses to “Starbucks

  1. Donna

    Ross…a young man after my heart heart. Coffee is such a wonderful thing. I think I know something Santa might leave in your stocking…..

  2. Donna

    Ross….a man after my own heart. Coffee is such a wonderful thing. I think I know something Santa might leave in your stocking….Mom
    P.S. Please don’t throw Drew. Bless his heart.

  3. rosshoss

    if it aint a truck or dollar bills im not interested.

  4. mccoolio

    Of yes.Do doubt.Do doubt.
    don’t be fooled rosshopper.It isn’t the Messiah that made it but evil satan himself!!
    check it out.I guess you think Howard Schultz really is the Starbucks founder?
    HaHa.It’s really that old serpent,the great deceiver. Think about it. Take a minute and name the top 5 addictive substances (too slow.I’ll do it):
    1) Meth
    2) crack
    3) coffee
    5) video games
    Look Ross! You’re already hopelessly immersed in 2 of the 5!!! Just get ready for a lifelong monkey on your back bubba. Please Ross.Didn’t we all tell you: don’t ever take that first drink!!!!!!!!

  5. Schmoffly

    Ross, I am dissapointed that you gave in to the man

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