Hipity hop hop

This is a list of different hip hop artist who I have found respect for over the years.

1. Eminem- Anyone who really knows me knows that I can spit every rhyme Eminem has ever rapped. I respect the fact that his lyrics are more than just look at my car, girlfriend, prostitute, or house. He raps about real life things and holds back no emotion. It is him truly expressing himself in a very real way.

2. Kid Rock- I respect him for what he has done for those with lets say less than desirable bodies. It is rare that a camera finds Kid with a shirt on. He is scrawny and white but he is not ashamed. That I can respect.

3. Kanye West- Two words. Jesus Walks. Just put that song on repeat and hope you don’t actually slip up and listen to the rest of the songs on his albums.

4. Three Six Mafia- I respect them because they have a good time doing what they love. Sure they may lead some astray, but you can’t say for a second that they are not following their passions.

5. Matt Kearney- You may not even know who this is. Go right now to youtube and listen to a few of his songs in which he raps in. He does not use bad language but portrays his message well. I respect the fact that he does not need to be vulgar in order to express himself and that he raps with a slight gangsta accent.

6. 2pac- You want real. Throw in a 2pac album and listen to his lyrics. He is preaching about all he knows to preach about. Respect.

There are a few more who made honorable mention such as 50 cent and Lil Bow Wow…

I think there is a good message hidden behind all that hip hop has turned into today. The drugs, the sex, the alcohol, the girls, but one thing can be said. These guys are not afraid to say what is on their minds. Maybe as Christians we can learn from this. Rappers such as Eminem and Kid Rock to do not color coat things so that the everybody else will not know truly how they feel. How often do we as Christians front and forget to talk like we live in the real world with real problems? A lot is the answer. Maybe we could all use a little lesson from the hip hop gang. Be real with your life, your past, and where you are headed. Life is life and we are all struggling through it.

Ross the Boss Hoss




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2 responses to “Hipity hop hop

  1. Schmoffly

    You want to hear someone really let their emotions out? Listen to somethin a little more hardcore…check Mudvayne, Distrubed, and Slipknot and don’t give me this rap crap hippity hoppity bunny stuff

  2. Donna

    Good, Ross. Yes, often I have thought about how Christians put a smile on their face and act as if nothing is wrong to each other when we are reallly hurting on the inside. I have always admired people who can be honest about their faults and feelings even if it may be something that would risk making fellow Christians or church goers think less of them. At least they are honest about themselves…an admirable trait in my book. I may use this in my Wednesday night class if it is ok with you.

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