Here is a problem with life that I have. Many of you who read this probably have never even been in a gym in which you work out in before but maybe you have. I hope you have. Working out is healthy and helps you rest peacefully and fully at night.

Anyways, here is my problem with the gym/work out room. I go to the YMCA in the city that I have lived in for close to 20 years, attended two highschools in and two colleges. I am bound to see someone I know. Heck, you put me in a room anywhere in the city with more than thirty people in it I know someone.

So I walk into a weightroom, headphones on- check, sleeveless shirt- check, hard attitude- check, social skills…… no check. I can’t socialize with people at the gym. A. I have nothing to say to them because my mind is still hanging out three exercises behind whatever exercise I am doing. B. If it is someone I only sort of know then I will say hi. Here, however, is the problem. Once the initial hellos are said it is inevitble that I will more than likely pass that person a good ten or fifteen times before it is my time to leave. Awkward. What do you say? Hey, I noticed you on the bench press earlier. Nice pecks…

Ain’t nobody know what to say. So most of the time I end up dishing out a lot of head nods in a lot of directions. I mean Kid Rock is usually blaring in my ears making it impossible to even have good convo. So if I happen to run into you at the gym just keep in mind that I am usually not that socially handicapped. I just get bashful and awkward around weights and water fountains.




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  1. schmoffly

    Ross, no one expects you to be a social whiz kid. You are like Dad and Caitlin- just kind of awkward around people. But it’s ok. Because I more than make up for it with my social prowess. I’ll talk to you about it when I come home for Thanksgiving.

  2. donnie McCool

    here’s the solution big, studly Rossy,

    Before you hit the gym floor, go ahead and map out your workout: what body parts, what exercises, how many reps, how many sets, etc.
    It is also advisable to bring a little notebook and a pen and record everything.These two things alone will help you focus more on what you’re there for.
    Dang kid. The social gorilla that you are, why would you need more socializing? You’re there to work out!!!!! I’m not saying be a jerk, but if you’re really into your workout, you prob won’t even notice that you passed that guy 16 times.
    Just focus and concentrate on getting big, pumped, and even more desirable to the ladies.

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